The Pressure Containment System

The heart of an Isostatic Press system is the pressure containment system. IFI's unique TieRod PCS ® design comprises a steel Cylinder with two end Flanges held in place by Tie Rods. 

The Tie Rods are pre-tensioned to impose a compressive stress on the cylinder. A removable Interrupted Thread closure allows access to the load.


The key benefits of IFI's proprietary design are the simplicity of construction - the Cylinder, Flanges, Closure and Tie Rods can be forged and machined with relative ease - and, compared with the other designs of pressure vessels, stress analysis is straightforward. 

Also, the TieRod PCS ® assembly can be readily inspected using standard NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Techniques.


The Furnace


IFI's range of furnace designs for HIP systems allow optimization for different applications. 

IFI designs are robust and cost effective and can be retro-fitted to all types of  Pressure Containment System and pressure vessel configurations.


Sub Systems

IFI also supplies a number of sub systems for Hot and Cold Isostatic presses including Power and Signal Pressure Feedthroughs (to 2000 Bar), High Pressure Gas Intensifiers and High pressure Valve and Tubing equipment.


Full Plant Installations



IFI supplies complete HIP and CIP plants. Engineered systems based around the TieRod ® PCS are individually tailored to fit a customer's specific requirements:

  • PCS volume

  • Pressure capability


  • Part and Workload Management


  • Peripherals inclunding Cooling, Vacuum and Gas Storage Sub Systems


  • IFI's extensive experience in production HIP  enables it to offer the best system for your needs.