High Pressure Gas / Liquid Compressors

IFI has recently developed a range of high pressure, hydraulically driven compressors.

With our extensive experience in the industry with these types of compressor, we were able to identify several shortcomings in competitors' designs and set out to eliminate those "at the drawing board".

IFI's Reciprocating Hydraulically Driven Compressors offer many advantages:

  • Increased durability

  • Increased throughput

  • Ease of maintenance.  The compressor may be completely disassembled and rebuilt within its own footprint with basic tools, negating the need to remove the unit to a maintenance area

  • Use, wherever possible, of generic "off the shelf" components. Should a non-proprietary part fail, a standard, often locally sourced part may be fitted to resume operation


  • Guaranteed "on the shelf" inventory of proprietary components at our warehouses worldwide, ready for immediate despatch

These compressors are proudly marketed through our sister company MPa Pressure Systems International